Give Me These Moments Back


Give Me These Moments Back by Mike Chinn

Editor and writer Mike Chinn (The Alchemy Press Book of Pulp Heroes, The Paladin Mandates) takes us on a tour de force…

“Welcome to the Hotel Marianas”

‘I stepped to one side and flicked a switch. A ring of external spotlights flared to life, revealing the floor of the Mariana Trench just a few metres below us. The backwash filled the observation room with a cold grey light, just enough for us to make each other out. As one, they gasped at the sight. I didn’t blame them – even though I’d seen it dozens of times, it still caught the back of my throat.’


‘They were starting to attract a few stares – some of them openly hostile. It occurred to Graham that there weren’t any tourists amongst the people shoving past – everyone looked too ragged and poor. And where were all the smartly dressed Venetians he’d seen earlier? He looked up and down the street, feeling an itch of panic rising in his throat. “We must have—” he muttered. “I don’t think she came this way.”’

“Be Grateful When You’re Dead”

‘Donnie could feel himself beginning to shake. Suddenly he wanted to be back at the bar, knocking down more beers. He clenched his fists, fighting the tremors. For a moment, he back-flashed to October thirty-first last year: River Phoenix, on a Hollywood sidewalk, dying. No resurrection from the flames that time: no one was reviving dead movie stars.’

“Kami Ga Kikoemasu”

‘The storm bounced the Oji-Maru across the ocean like a toy boat. Waves taller than its masts broke across its beam. Sky and sea were black; the only light came from the ship’s navigation lamps. Ishimaeru could barely make out the bows and harpoon gun: faint patches in the boiling darkness. From somewhere aft, he heard the sound of shattering glass. It reared out of the dark, vast and … and wrong. Nothing but bones…’

And more … eighteen stories that range from the depths of the Pacific, the cruel charms of Venice, the price of immortality, to the Appalachian Mountains…


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