Where the Bodies are Buried


Kim Newman‘s award-winning Where the Bodies Are Buried was co-published in 2000 by the Alchemy Press and Airgedlámh Publications. The book collects the four “Bodies” stories:

  • “Where the Bodies Are Buried”
  • “Where the Bodies Are Buried II: Sequel Hook”
  • “Where the Bodies Are Buried 3: Black and White and Red All Over”
  • “Where the Bodies Are Buried 2020”

This collection topped and tailed with an introduction by Peter Atkins and a Dramatis Personae, which nicely links this collection to many of Kim’s other works. Where the Bodies Are Buried was published as a signed, number hardcover edition (of 500 copies). Signed by Kim Newman, Peter Atkins, Sylvia Starshine (cover art) and Randy Broecker (interior art).

The cover price £17.50. However, new copies are still available from the Alchemy Press for £15.00 in the UK, £20 in Europe and £25 elsewhere. Price includes postage! To buy a copy contact us and we’ll invoice you via PayPal. Note, we now have limited stock.

Copies are also available from Amazon UK. Copies can also be purchased from Amazon US.

Where the Bodies Are Buried won the BFS Award for the Best Small Press!

Joel Lane said: “Meet Rob Hackwill, folk demon. A blackmailer killed by his victims, returning to expose what they are really made of. Or so the script goes. But then Hackwill slithers out of film into reality. Where the Bodies are Buried is a heady brew of pulp horror, political satire and twisted technology. These four stories deconstruct the myths of the late twentieth century – with a hatchet. Prepare to laugh. Prepare to shudder. Prepare to find out Where the Bodies Are Buried.”


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