Alchemy Press Book of Pulp Heroes 2

pulpheroes 2 a

The Alchemy Press Book of Pulp Heroes 2 edited by Mike Chinn

ISBN 978-0-9573489-4-3

Cover art: Les Edwards

“From the arid plains of Mars to the canyons of Manhattan; the foetid jungle to the naked jungle. Demented criminals versus dark heroes with sinister powers. The flash of steel in the palaces of long-forgotten civilizations or along the sterile corridors of impossible spacecraft. Swords against sorcery or sword and planet.”

Following the critical acclaim for 2012’s Pulp Heroes, editor Mike Chinn and The Alchemy Press presents The Alchemy Press Book of Pulp Heroes 2. 

With fourteen exciting adventures:

  • Pandora’s Box – Chico Kidd
  • The Flier – Bryn Fortey
  • Griffon’s Gamble – Arch Whitehouse
  • Night Hunter – Pauline E Dungate
  • Meeting at the Silver Dollar – Marion Pitman
  • The Monster of Gorgon – Ian Hunter
  • Dragon’s Breath – Anne Nicholls
  • The Law of Mars – Robert William Iveniuk
  • The Penge Terror – William Meikle
  • Ula and the Black Book of Leng – Andrew Coulthard
  • The Sons of Crystal City – Martin Gately
  • Kiss the Day Goodbye – Adrian Cole
  • Do Not Go Gently – Stuart Young
  • The Incarceration of Captain Nebula – Mike Resnik

£10.99 from Amazon UK / Amazon USA and other on-line retailers. Also available for your Kindle.

“This collection is laden with literary gems and jewels, entertaining short stories in the vein of classic pulps. If you are a fan of Lester Dent or the Doc Savage tales, this is the collection for you! Although most of the tales in this tome is well worth a read, one piece that stood out and really made my day was Andrew Coulthard’s ravishing sword-and-sorcery bit “Ula and the Black Book of Leng Yen”. Written in a poetic style – that never bogs down the tempo of the narrative – this story is an action packed, yet highly atmospheric, piece of matinée style adventure, pulp fiction at its finest.” — Love Kolle





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