Let Your Hinged Jaw Do the Talking

Let Your Hinged Jaw Do the Talking

by Tom Johnstone

The sleep of reason breeds monsters in this collection of terror tales. Some of the most frightening monsters are those that come in human form:

The ex-undercover cop haunted by the dead child whose identity he stole… The abused ex-convent girl who develops an affinity with Medusa… The severed hand that forges literary works… The budding psychopath whose doppelganger takes the rap for his misdeeds… The man in the black suit with boiled jelly eyes who haunts the corridors of a council flat…

These and other horrors stalk the ages, from eighteenth century West Africa to nineteen-fifties Brighton … from the killing fields of the English Civil War to the playing fields of an exclusive school … from the Munster plantation in sixteenth century Ireland to a sugar plantation in nineteen-thirties Haiti…

“This is Tom Johnstone at his best, the master of the slow reveal…” – Colleen Anderson

Let Your Hinged Jaw Do the Talking is the new collection from Tom Johnstone. Available from the Alchemy Press.

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