In the Broken Birdcage…

Birdcage 120KB

In the Broken Birdcage of Kathleen Fair – a novella by Cate Gardner

When the mirror released Kathleen into the unknown, for the briefest of moments she giggled and realised that she’d never laughed before. She had been a blank canvas, sitting and waiting in a room and occasionally bouncing from wall to wall desperate for freedom – and now she was out. White walls no longer surrounded her. In this new place, a thousand mirrors spun reflecting worlds.

An Alchemy Novella — only £0.77 in Kindle format from Amazon US and Amazon UK.

For the ePub version contact The Alchemy Press:

“In the Broken Birdcage of Kathleen Fair is a delightful tale of love, discovery and courage. The readers will discover beyond the portals of mirrors, a chamber of a perfumer, one who collects “a dab of testosterone, lust and a hint of strawberry fields” in order to create his potions, or a sassy version of hell where invisible graffiti artists write warnings and contracts on the walls and the devil wears “a black suit over a grey t-shirt” while twirling an umbrella until “it flapped open and then he rested it against his shoulder.” There are promises and deals made, attempts to sneak out of them, a love triangle, or better still, quadrangle, and a hot air balloons contest. In a phrase, it is an exuberant display of imagination spiced with humour and a story that holds all the way to the end.” — Mihai (Dark Wolf’s Fantasy Reviews)



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