Touchstones: Essay on the Fantastic by John Howard

ISBN 978-0-9573489-7-4

Here are twenty-two essential essays on the writers of The Fantastic :

  • In Smoke and Soot I Will Worship
  • The Ghosts of Sauk County
  • Portrait in Moonlight
  • A World of Great Majesty
  • A Collision of World-Views
  • A Torrent of Eldritch Terrors
  • The Edge of Running Water
  • A Universe Shot Through with Invisible Forces
  • After the Great Destruction
  • Against the Spirit
  • Ecstasy and Boundaries
  • Old England, New England
  • In Lonely Places
  • Story-Telling Wonder-Questing, Mortal Me
  • The Edge of Shadows
  • The Ninefold Kingdom
  • Yours Truly, Daniel Morley

… and more.

Only £11.00 from Amazon UK / Amazon USA and other online dealers

“In all there are twenty-two essays, every one of ‘em readable and informative thanks to Howard’s winning combination of clarity, enthusiasm, and erudition” and “Touchstones has something for everyone who is interested in the highways and byways of weird fiction.” — Supernatural Tales






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