The Alchemy Press Newsletter: September 2014

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Here we are just past the autumn equinox and still reeling from our recent successes. For those who may have missed the news, THE ALCHEMY PRESS was winner of the 2014 British Fantasy Awards for Best Small Press, presented at FantasyCon 2014. To prove we aren’t resting on our laurels, we launched a number of books over the FantasyCon weekend in the historic city of York:

  • Kneeling in the Silver Light: Stories from the Great War edited by Dean M Drinkel: “The Unknown Soldier” … “On the Side of the Angels” … “The Wolves of Vimy” … “The Secret of Blackwater Island” …  “Where the White Long Roadway Lies” … Here are nineteen stories that look back on the horrors of The Great War, stories in the tradition of Arthur Machen’s “The Bowmen”, which gave rise to the myth of the Angel of Mons. Here are tales that create their own myths of that terrible war.
  • Merry-Go-Round and Other Words by Bryn Fortey (signed, limited edition): Collects the best from the author’s oeuvre, from his first horror story publication to stories appearing here for the first time. The contents range from across the horror and science fiction fields, with a bit between.
  • Nick Nightmare Investigates by Adrian Cole (signed, limited edition): Nick Nightmare, Private Eye, is thrown into a murky world of crawling horrors, spawned by the Old Ones as they seek to rise up from their primordial oceanic depths, ‘when the stars are right.’ Whether he is shooting it out with power-crazed acolytes in his native New York, or slipping across into other dimensions to battle the spreading plague of invasion, Nightmare is never far from the long, clammy reach of the things from the Deep, bizarre artefacts of power, decrepit villages and citadels, magic and voodoo.
  • The Alchemy Press Book of Pulp Heroes 3 edited by Mike Chinn: An alien visitor arrives on Earth to solve our problems – whether we want it or not. The world’s greatest superhero is lost, and only his deadliest enemy can save him. Why did the best cop in the city end his days as a forgotten drunk? And once, infin-de-siècleParis, there were three very different girls who grew up to be three very different women with three things in common: they were brilliant, they were beautiful, and they worked for Erik of the Paris Opéra. Twelve stories of supermen, cops, Mysterymen, samurai and private eyes.
  • The Alchemy Press Book of Urban Mythic 2 edited by Jan Edwards and Jenny Barber: In the footsteps of volume one, here are a further twelve tales of myth and magic, of legendary creatures, set in the modern age, with stories from:  Sarah Ash, James Brogden, Carl Barker, Andrew Coulthard, KT Davies, Pauline E Dungate, Chico Kidd, Tanith Lee, Christine Morgan, Lou Morgan, Marion Pitman and Adrian Tchaikovsky.

Also published earlier this year:

  • Merry-Go-Round and Other Words by Bryn Fortey (regular edition)
  • Touchstones: Essays on the Fantastic by John Howard: Here are twenty-two essential essays on the writers of The Fantastic – In Smoke and Soot I Will Worship; The Ghosts of Sauk County; A Universe Shot Through with Invisible Forces; Story-Telling Wonder-Questing, Mortal Me; and many others.

All the paperback editions are available from Amazon, The Book Depository and other online stores. The limited editions (Nick Nightmare and Merry-Go-Round) are available from The Alchemy Press – use the PayPal buttons on the relevant pages (above links).

However, due to imminent nuptials (Peter’s daughter’s, not ours) in (hopefully) warm and sunny Cyprus, The Alchemy Press office will be closed for two weeks from Wednesday 24 September. We’ll deal with any and all queries on our return. The lovely Nadia will be house sitting, looking after the cats and feeding the chickens; we don’t think we should burden her with Alchemy stuff.

A limited number of review copies are available (PDF, MOBI and EPUB files also available). For further information visit email Keep an eye on our website for news of further books. Thank you for reading,

Peter Coleborn and Jan Edwards


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