Book of the Dead 2021

The Alchemy Press Book of the Dead 2021


Remembering the careers more than 500 individuals who made significant contributions to the horror, science fiction and fantasy genres during their lifetimes. Compiled by award-winning writer and editor Stephen Jones, this second volume in the new annual series includes tributes to James Bond’s twin brother . . . a former child actor who starred in two different versions of H.P. Lovecraft’s The Dunwich Horror . . . two movie Tarzans and a Jane . . . and an actor who played both Frankenstein’s Monster and Count Dracula . . . all illustrated with numerous photographs and associated images, including several in colour.

The Alchemy Press Book of the Dead 2021

Compiled by Stephen Jones

ISBN 978-1-911034-14-8

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“Stephen Jones is not just the U.K.’s leading horror anthologist. For some considerable time, Jones has been a chronicler of those within the fantasy, horror and SF genre who have shuffled off this mortal coil – as the new Alchemy Press Book of the Dead reminds us. The sadly departed talents within this latest volume include the man who helped create Godzilla, two British actresses who were both Bond girls and also Avengers (British variety), and – as the blurb says — the screen’s best James Bond. (You’ll have to purchase the book to see who fits that particular description, as if you didn’t know).

Copiously illustrated, the book is – counterintuitively – extremely enjoyable reading rather than a morbid examination of departed individuals. But be warned, you may pick this up thinking that you will be just dipping into it – and you will find yourself glued to the pages. And if you have personally made a significant contribution to the horror, SF or fantasy genres, perhaps you should read it to see if you are still in the land of the living.”

— Barry Forshaw (from DVD Choices website)