Compromising the Truth

Compromising the Truth by Bryn Fortey


Praise for Bryn Fortey’s Merry-Go-Round:

“Bryn Fortey is a writer who knows how to write to perfect effect “ — DJ Tyrer

“Bryn Fortey is one of the Good Guys” — Andrew Darlington

“These stories have variety but the best of them show how a range of ideas can be meshed together to form small gems” — SF Crowsnest

“It’s a perfect gem of a book” — The New Beatnik


In Compromising the Truth we have another eighteen stories plus two dozen poems of the weird and wonderful: a touch of science fiction, a tidbit of horror, a sprinkling of the strange.

From Adrian Cole’s introduction:

His stories reflect a clear understanding of the human condition and he imbues his characters with knowing insights. The tales vary from stark, unnerving urban horror, to blackly humorous, almost preposterous fantasy, although even these hugely entertaining yarns are seated in reality.

From the Eight Miles Higher website:

These are storyteller’s tales that both rip into your mind like fishhooks and soak into your consciousness like high-grade toxic bootleg hooch, then hang around like the earworm hook you can never get rid of, leaving aftertastes of joy. Bryn plays games that tie truth into conundrums, beguiling anecdotes, unreliable memory or alternate worlds of sly wonder.


Compromising the Truth is now available from Amazon