Leinster Gardens reviewed


Leinster Gardens and Other Subtleties by Jan Edwards gets a glowing review over on the SF Book Reviews website:

Everything collected here balances the strangeness of the circumstances as they play out with the human context, allowing you to view the unfamiliar alongside characters you relate to. In this we have an echo of Edgar Allan Poe’s work in a sense …  the view of ‘subtleties’ from the position of a character we connect with…

If you’re looking for a collection that shows how to work with real mythology in short stories in a variety of different lengths, this would be one to read.

Leinster Gardens is available from Amazon and other good bookstores. In print and Kindle editions.


Tell No Lies reviewed

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Tell No Lies by John Grant has received a wonderful review on the SF Book Reviews website:

This is a story collection that stays in your mind long after you’ve finished reading … The term magic realism is bandied around a lot, but in this sense, the majority of Grant’s protagonists are approaching the fantastic from the real and explore the consequences of the anomaly they have discovered ,,, The realistic contexts engage you directly and in every case you leave with something to think about; a collection to guide your mind.

Tell No Lies is available as a print or eBook via Amazon and other online dealers.



Dead Water reviewed


The SF Book Reviews website has commented on Dead Water and Other Weird Tales by David Sutton. They say:

Dead Water and Other Weird Tales is a wide ranging mix of work, drawing inspiration from a multitude of different sources. Though there isn’t a definitive theme to this group of tales, in that each makes use of different elements, they sit together without discomfort and the application of writing is familiar enough to for you to feel at home with the writer without the game ever being given away …  Sutton is a masterful writer of short horror and one whose work needs to be savoured.

Dead Water is available as an eBook or in print from Amazon and other good online bookstores.


Give Me These Moments Back reviewed


Mike Chinn‘s Give Me These Moments Back has received an excellent review on the SF Book Reviews website:

This is a substantive collection of short stories from Alchemy Press, varying in setting, premise and idea but all focusing around the concept of a moment in time as mentioned in the title. These moments are all pivotal and memorable, life defining and changing in each case… As an introduction to Michael Chinn’s work, Give Me These Moments Back is a treat.

Give Me These Moments Back is available from Amazon (as print or eBook editions) and other quality online bookstores — or catch us at one of the events we’re attending.