Awesome Adventures now available

The Awesome Adventures of Poppy and Amelia would never have happened if it hadn’t been for lockdown.

In those first couple of months, like so many writers, I found working on my current book very slow going.  A day’s work felt like ploughing through porridge. Very little got done and what I did write had somehow lost its flow.

The impetus to write had also faded and most days I found it almost impossible to get going. Nothing much seemed to matter. While other people re-decorated, caught up with DIY or re-modelled their gardens I let the time slip past.

Except for my four times a week Skype lessons with granddaughter Maddy.

Read more of Misha’s article on her blog, here.

The Awesome Adventures of Poppy and Amelia is available from Amazon and other online websites.

Edge Lit 4


Last Saturday’s Edge Lit 4 mini-convention was a highly successful event. Lots of people to see and lots of books to buy. In this photo (by Misha Herwin) Peter is sitting behind the Alchemy Press table in the dealers’ room. It may look as though his eyes are shut — rest assured, he is merely taking a prolonged blink.