Alchemy anthologies

Alchemy Press anthologies are available in print and eBook (Kindle) formats. Click on the titles for the relevant links — and fill your eReader with excitement, wonder, myth, horror and pulp heroics.

Ancient Wonders 170KB UM cover A 008 b Urban Mythic 2

Pulp Heroes 144KB pulpheroes 2 a Publication PH3a

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Alchemy’s 2014 titles


Last weekend at FantasyCon in Nottingham the winners of the British Fantasy Society awards were announced. Although we didn’t win the Best Independent Press category, we are delighted to have been short listed. The winner was Fox Spirit Books — many congratulations go to them!

The above photo shows our output from 2014. From the top left clockwise: Merry-Go-Round, Kneeling in the Silver Light, The Alchemy Press Book of Urban Mythic 2, Touchstones, Nick Nightmare Investigates (which did win for Best Collection!), The Alchemy Press Book of Pulp heroes 3, Tell No Lies and again (the hardcover this time) Merry-Go-Round. 


Buying Alchemy books

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Alchemy Press titles are available online from Amazon and other dealers. But if you are keen to avoid Amazon and its associated companies take a look at Wordery, a UK book seller. As you can see via this link, they have a nice array of our titles all ready to purchase. (Note, the site muddles up Alchemy Press titles along with similarly named imprints.)


January/February Newsletter

It’s already February in a cold and snowy Staffordshire Moorlands, but are we hibernating? We are not!

IMG_0205 a006 b small

First and foremost, a reminder for those of you have may have missed it in the Christmas rush: we have for your delectation and delight a collection of short fiction from a master of the form. Tell No Lies by John Grant is a fabulous volume of twelve stories to thrill you and chill you and to take you on journeys of the fantastic!

  • It is an easy enough mistake to make – the most natural mistake in the world.
  • Cello is hooked up to the machine, but whose dreams does she experience?
  • The house is suddenly infested, but with … what?
  • At the Edinburgh Fringe he meets Kristie. She seems to be exactly what he needs.
  • The books Philip buys contain a signature that has no right to be there.
  • In a West Country village petrol is ridiculously cheap. Where does it come from?
  • Caught in a blizzard he finds himself in Memoryville … where he meets an old acquaintance…
  • Ginfalcio Beeswax and Truculence Fish are all that stand between the monsters from the blackness of outer space and the end of mankind. But are issues closer to home more frightening than multi-tentacled aliens?
  • Christopher – their miracle child.
  • Nick’s lives are … haunted, but by whom?
  • The artist is dead but her art lives on.
  • It’s Benjy’s birthday – and he wants his own universe.

Review copies are still available in the e-format of choice.

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2014 publications

Here’s a reminder of last year’s output from The Alchemy Press. Click on the titles for further details:

Kneeling in the Silver Light edited by Dean M Drinkel

Merry-Go-Round and Other Words by Bryn Fortey

Nick Nightmare Investigates by Adrian Cole

Tell No Lies by John Grant

The Alchemy Press Book of Pulp Heroes 3 edited by Mike Chinn

The Alchemy Press Book of Urban Mythic 2 edited by Jan Edwards and Jenny Barber

Touchstones by John Howard

And keep an eye peeled for this year’s titles.


Alchemy Press Newsletter: Xmas 2014

IMG_5705 monster santa 04

Good morning/ afternoon /evening (delete as applicable). It’s Christmas Eve and the time of year to look back on our achievements and, of course, to anticipate the things to come. We know you are all very busy at this moment, making mince pies, wrapping presents, decorating the tree, buying last-minute gifts, so we’re keeping this Newsletter brief.

Firstly our big news for the day! We have a brand new collection just off the press from the talented Mr John Grant — Tell No Lies:

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Allen Ashley interviewed

Allen Ashley

“Somme-Nambula” by Allen Ashley appears in Kneeling in the Silver Light. Here, Allen answers a few questions.

The Great War started a hundred years ago. What is the link between your story in Silver Light and that war?

My story is mostly set in the First World War trenches and, particularly, in No Man’s Land. I studiously researched the story – more on that later.

What concerns did you have when it came to writing your story, how you planned to cover the subject matter? Were you worried that the anthology might have become too much like a regular “horror” book?

My concern was to have a believable underpinning layer of the horror of combat and thus ground the story in historical realism. It’s the First World War, millions died and suffered horribly and there’s no escaping or disguising that fact. However, one must also make an imaginative leap – and I believe that my story does that – otherwise one is simply regurgitating Wilfred Owen, Robert Graves, et al.

As for the anthology becoming too much of a regular horror book, that’s really the editor’s and the publisher’s concern in this instance, not a worry for an individual contributing author. I have been to a few events this year marking the commemoration of the outbreak of World War One and, simply and selfishly, it was my wish and intention to place my story in this Great War themed anthology as my own statement regarding the conflict.

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