Urban Mythic 2 reviewed

Urban Mythic 2

Ian Hunter has reviewed The Alchemy Press Book of urban Mythic 2  for the latest issue of Interzone (# 258). It’s a fantastic, complimentary review, one that ends with his asking for volume three. Can’t be bad.

Of Tanith Lee’s story: “…beautifully written and quite, quite shudderingly horrible.”

Of K T Davies’ story: “…opens with some of the best writing I’ve read in a long time.”

Of Adrian Tchaikovsky’s tale: “What is really enjoyable about this story is the voice…”

And of Sarah Ash’s story: “…so well written you hope both of them will get together…”

And more…

Urban Mythic 2, along with the first volume, is available via Amazon and other good online stores.


Tell No Lies reviewed


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John Grant’s Tell No Lies has received a fine review in Interzone 257. The reviewer, Duncan Lunan, says:

…but don’t let any of these [story] openings fool you into thinking you know where the story is going, because the author has something new to say about each of them. There’s a common theme of relationships lost due to accident, murder, infidelity, time-slips and slides into alternative realities…  The book’s overall title is a warning, and the message is “Be thankful for what you have”.

Tell No Lies is available from Amazon US and UK and other online retailers.