Kami Ga Kikoemasu

Each wave reared higher than the Oji-Maru’s rails. Hooked fingers of white spume reaching for the whale-chaser before they collapsed back into the grey sea. Ishimaeru’s guts clenched every time, leaving him shaking and hollow with fear. The next time that clawing foam might hide the gleam of bone, or the time after that, or the time after—


The yell shook Ishimaeru from his thoughts. He pushed himself back from the scarred bow and turned to face Hoshi Kōatsu: the Oji-Maru’s acting captain. The man’s square face was pale and sweating. “You’re not paid to moon around up here—!”

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Tell No Lies reviewed

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John Grant’s Tell No Lies was reviewed in a recent post on the SF Crowsnest website (reviewed by Pauline Morgan).

Storytellers are good at lies. It is their stock in trade. A good storyteller is able to be convincing while being a master of misdirection. The reader is sucked in to the power of the tale before realising that everything is not how they expected it to be. In some cases this leads to a ‘groan effect’ as a twist is revealed that, although unexpected, is provided without the clues that on looking back were present. A subtle bard leaves the reader with a feeling of satisfaction. John Grant belongs to the latter school.

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Urban Mythic 2 reviewed!

The Alchemy Press Book of Urban Mythic 2 receives an 8/10 review from Rowena Hoseason. Another reason to go and get this anthology:

 The stories in this anthology open an ephemeral portal onto the paranormal where sometimes – but not always – something supernatural slithers. / The writing is well polished and edited throughout, and the stories carefully arranged to provide a change of pace, style and momentum as the anthology unfolds. This collection demonstrates the scope of the short story. /  Altogether, an extremely entertaining afternoon spent in the company of ‘what if?’

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