Music From the Fifth Planet


Just a week away until Anne Nicholls’ new collection of her best short stories is published. The book — Music From the Fifth Planet — will be launched at Novacon in Nottingham, along with a collection from her husband and co-GOH Stan Nicholls (Orcs: Tales of Maras-Dantia published by NewCon Press).

Music From the Fifth Planet features an introduction by Justina Robson and a wraparound cover painting by David A Hardy.


Music from the Fifth Planet


Continuing with a musical theme (!!!) we also have Music From the Fifth Planet by Anne Nicholls, due to be launched next month at Novacon — where Anne and her husband Stan Nicholls share Guest of Honour honours.

And here’s a preview of the wraparound cover, with wonderful artwork by David A Hardy

All of these are beautifully written:  Anne Nicholls evokes setting and directs action with great skill so that the tales flow along at an effortless pace from daring beginning to satisfying end. I wish she would write more adventure stories.  — Justina Robson  



Tell No Lies: an observation

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The fine science fiction artist David A Hardy has recently commented on John Grant’s Tell No Lies:

… I’m not sure how anyone could categorise it, but like one or two other authors, such as Chris Priest, it’s not really SF, or… It’s just John Grant, an author in an alternate universe!

Tell No Lies is available from Amazon and other online booksellers. Also available as a DRM-free Kindle e-book.