Nick Nightmare wins BFS award!


We at The Alchemy Press are thrilled to announce that Adrian Cole’s collection Nick Nightmare Investigates was awarded the Best Collection Award presented by the British Fantasy Society. The news was announced over the FantasyCon 2015 weekend, and was presented to Adrian my Mistress of Ceremonies Juliet E McKenna.

Nick Nightmare Investigates was published late 2014 as a signed limited edition, and involved several people behind the project. We offer deep gratitude and thanks to Adrian, editor Mike Chinn (who also co-wrote one of the book’s stories), artists Bob Eggleton and Jim Pitts, designers Michael Marshall Smith and Stephen Jones, as well as Airgedlámh Publications’ Stephen Jones and David Sutton.

The book is available from The Alchemy Press.

Photo of Juliet E McKenna and Adrian Cole © Peter Coleborn

Nick Nightmare reviewed

NNI Full Jacket6

The Dunwich Review website has posted a review of Nick Nightmare Investigates by Adrian Cole:

Nick Nightmare Investigates is a solid collection of detective/Cthulhu Mythos stories. These tales idealize the pulp fiction genre, with heroic characters that could have jumped out of a Golden Age comic book. While Cole is not the first author to write about a private eye that battles creatures from the Cthulhu mythos, his stories are well-written and readable.

Read the full review here.

Nick Nightmare Investigates

Layout 1The Alchemy Press is busy putting the finishing touches to several titles due to be launched at FantasyCon. One of them is Nick Nightmare Investigates, a collection of occult-detective stories by Adrian Cole. Also included in the book is a collaboration between Adrian and Mike Chinn — where Nick Nightmare teams up with Damien Paladin to defeat occult-Nazis.

The book is designed by Smith & Jones (aka Michael Marshall Smith and Stephen Jones) and will be available in a limited edition of 200 copies. Interior artwork is by Jim Pitts and the cover is by Bob Eggleton.

As the cover suggests, the Mythos features heavily in this collection!