Astrologica soon to go OOP

Astrologica 150KB

What’s your star sign? Is our fate pre-determined by the constellations and the position of the planets? Can astrology really present an alternative vision to the apparent certainties of science, politics, religion and celebrity culture? Or should its claims of determinism, fate, fortune and personality profiling perhaps be taken with a large pinch of salt?

Astrologica: Stories of the Zodiac edited by Allen Ashley is on its way to becoming out of print. If you want to lay your hands on Astrologica, copies are still available from Amazon and other online bookstores.


Something Remains blogged


Allen Ashley, one of the esteemed contributors to Something Remains has written of his story “Natural History” in the book.

Joel gave us some of the finest short fiction you could ever hope to read. And now he has given me this story “Natural History” which would never have existed without his notes, his inspiration. The same is true for the other pieces collected in “Something Remains”: meticulously, even tenderly, written by those who loved and admired him.

Read the full essay on Allen’s website, here.

Something Remains is available as a paperback or eBook for the Kindle via Amazon and, probably, other online dealers.

The book is officially launched at FantasyCon later this month.



Alchemy anthologies

Alchemy Press anthologies are available in print and eBook (Kindle) formats. Click on the titles for the relevant links — and fill your eReader with excitement, wonder, myth, horror and pulp heroics.

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In “Writing Magazine”


The Alchemy Press received a nice little write-up in the September issue of Writing Magazine — on page 93 in the news section. The piece was accompanied by a few cover reproductions; we certainly do publish some lovely books!

Allen Ashley interviewed

Allen Ashley

“Somme-Nambula” by Allen Ashley appears in Kneeling in the Silver Light. Here, Allen answers a few questions.

The Great War started a hundred years ago. What is the link between your story in Silver Light and that war?

My story is mostly set in the First World War trenches and, particularly, in No Man’s Land. I studiously researched the story – more on that later.

What concerns did you have when it came to writing your story, how you planned to cover the subject matter? Were you worried that the anthology might have become too much like a regular “horror” book?

My concern was to have a believable underpinning layer of the horror of combat and thus ground the story in historical realism. It’s the First World War, millions died and suffered horribly and there’s no escaping or disguising that fact. However, one must also make an imaginative leap – and I believe that my story does that – otherwise one is simply regurgitating Wilfred Owen, Robert Graves, et al.

As for the anthology becoming too much of a regular horror book, that’s really the editor’s and the publisher’s concern in this instance, not a worry for an individual contributing author. I have been to a few events this year marking the commemoration of the outbreak of World War One and, simply and selfishly, it was my wish and intention to place my story in this Great War themed anthology as my own statement regarding the conflict.

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Success at the British Fantasy Awards


Today, at FantasyCon 2014 in York, the British Fantasy Society announced its Fantasy Awards. I am thrilled to report that The Alchemy Press won the award for Best Independent Press. I truly did not think we would – the competition was very high. However, on the off chance we were fortunate I penned a few words beforehand, so that I didn’t just stand at the podium looking stage-struck. These are them, expanded to ensure they include all I had intended to say:

The Alchemy Press started life in 1998 with a National Lottery grant – so all those who play the Lottery supported fantasy in the UK. Our first publication was a slim booklet – The Paladin Mandates (and by now everyone in the world probably has a copy!). Now, 16 years on, we are publishing a fabulous range of collections and anthologies, including our signature titles, The Alchemy Press Books of…

I wish to thank my editors (Jan Edwards, Jenny Barber, Mike Chinn and Allen Ashley) and all 2013 contributors (Adam Craig, Adrian Cole, Adrian Tchaikovsky, Alison Littlewood, Andrew Coulthard, Anne Nicholls, Ben Baldwin, Bob Covington, Bob Lock, Bryn Fortey, Cate Gardner, Chico Kidd, Christopher Golden, David McGroarty, David Turnbull, Daniele Serra, Doug Blakeslee, Gaie Sebold, Ian Hunter, Ian Whates, Jaine Fenn, James Brogden, Jet McDonald, Joel Lane, Jonathan Oliver, Joyce Chng, Kate Griffin, Les Edwards, Marion Pitman, Mark David Campbell, Martin Gately, Megan Kerr, Mike Barrett, Mike Resnick, Neil Williamson, Nigel Robinson, Pauline E Dungate, Ralph Robert Moore, Ramsey Campbell, Robert William Iveniuk, Rod Rees, Storm Constantine, Stuart Young, William Meikle, and Zen Cho); I wish to thank Stephen Jones for his inspiration; I wish to thanks BFS members who voted for us; and especially I wish to thank my wife, Jan, for without her The Alchemy Press wouldn’t exist.

I am convinced that this award is recognition of our efforts to produce excellence, and this year we’ve tried harder with even more titles. Thank you.

— Peter Coleborn