Horrors volume 2

We’ll be posting submission details for second volume of The Alchemy Press Book of Horrors shortly. Keep and eye out for the details — here and on Facebook.


What’s in Horrors?

There was an avalanche of stories submitted to The Alchemy Press Book of Horrors – especially in the final month of the submission’s window. To be honest, we didn’t expect to receive around 310 manuscripts seeking a home in this anthology. We were worried that we’d have too few submissions.

We read the stories as soon as possible after receiving them (but as indicated, January was a particularly busy month), maintaining a database of comments in order to narrow down to a shortlist.

Yet we managed it quickly – and then the shortlist itself needed to be pruned, and even so we couldn’t cut back to the original idea: an anthology containing a dozen stories. So we succumbed and settled on 25 stories. Without further ado, in alphabetical order (alphabetically by first name that is!), here’s what you’ll be reading in the latter part of 2018.

  • Adrian Cole: Broken Billy
  • Cate Gardner: The Fullness of Her Belly
  • Debbie Bennett: The Fairest of them all
  • Gail-Nina Anderson: An Eye for a Plastic Eye
  • Gary McMahon: Guising
  • James Brogden: The Trade-Up
  • Jenny Barber: Down Along the Backroads
  • John Grant: Too Late
  • Keris McDonald: Remember, Remember
  • Madhvi Ramani: Teufelsberg
  • Marie O’Regan: Pretty Things
  • Marion Pitman: The Apple Tree
  • Mike Chinn: Her Favourite Place
  • Peter Sutton: Masks
  • Phil Sloman: The Girl with Three Eyes
  • Ralph Robert Moore: Peelers
  • Ramsey Campbell: Some Kind of a Laugh
  • Ray Cluley: Bluey
  • Samantha Lee: The Worm
  • Stan Nicholls: Deadline
  • Stephen Laws: Get Worse Soon
  • Storm Constantine: La Tenebreuse
  • Suzanne Barbieri: In the Rough
  • Tina Rath: Little People
  • Tony Richards: The Garbage Men

In addition, the book will be garnished with a range of Jim Pitt illustrations. We aim to make this book one you’ll treasure.


Sub window closes

No, not that type of sub.

The submission window for The Alchemy Press Book of Horrors is now closed. We have received 297 submissions to wade through (sorry, to read), make shortlists, and then finalised the table of contents. We hope to start contacting folk in a few weeks. Please be patient.



Submission acknowledgements

We are receiving many, many submissions to The Alchemy Press Book of Horrors — thank you all. We do try to acknowledge each submission within a few days of receipt. However, these current two/three weeks are proving to be very busy (for other real life reasons), so any acknowledgements will be delayed.



Covering letters

If you submit anything to The Alchemy Press Book of Horrors, please write a brief note in the body of the email, along the lines of “Dear Peter and Jan, please consider my story for…” etc. An email devoid of any kind of communication but with only a file attachment does give us cause for concern.

It would also be of benefit if you could put the title of your story in the email’s submission line (don’t worry if you haven’t done so but have already submitted); and obviously name the attached file with the story title — this is to stop submissions becoming lost or misfiled on our computers. Make sure your manuscript includes the story title, your name and pen name (if applicable), and a contact email address.

Thank you.