BFS Awards Short List

The short list for the 2017 British Fantasy Society Awards has been released and we are pleased to note the following nominees: The Alchemy Press (Independent Press category); Something Remains, edited by Peter Coleborn and Pauline E Dungate (Anthology); “Charmed Life” by Simon Avery from Something Remains (Short Story). The results will be announced at FantasyCon this September.


Arthur C. Clarke Award

ChildrenofTime   front cover 003b

The 30th Arthur C. Clarke Award for science fiction literature was awarded to Children of Time by Adrian Tchaikovsky (published by Tor), recently announced. The Clarke Award is considered to be the UK’s top prize for science fiction. Many congratulations go to Adrian.

And if you didn’t know, or you’ve forgotten, Adrian’s co-written anthology (with Adam Gauntlett and Keris McDonald), The Private Life of Elder Things is now available from The Alchemy Press.


The BFS Monster Awards

monsters cover 002

The short list for the 2016 British Fantasy Society Awards has been released and I am delighted to see The Alchemy Press nominated in two categories: Monsters by Paul Kane for Best Collection; and the press itself in the Best Independent Press category. Both are up against stiff competition … but fingers crossed. The awards will be announced in September at FantasyCon by the Sea.

Be afraid. Be incredibly afraid…because the Monsters are here! One man starts to suffer from a strange affliction, as another seeks knowledge of the future – with dire consequences. A young boy gets more than he bargained for when he receives a unique Christmas present, while a lonely man battles creatures that live in the darkness. And as a rescue expedition finds strange animals in the jungle, one man’s wife returns from the grave to be with him once more… Vampires, werewolves, zombies, witches, this collection from the imagination of award-winning and bestselling author Paul Kane has them all! Including the first reprint of ‘Dracula in Love’ in over a decade, the original short story the movie Weeping Woman was based on and all three parts of the ‘Life Cycle’ trilogy (begun in the late ‘90s and concluding with the brand new ‘Lifetime’), plus an introduction by Nicholas Vince (who portrayed Chatterer Cenobite in the Hellraiser movies and Kinski in Nightbreed) and cover art by the legendary Clive Barker, this is one book you really should be afraid to miss!

Monsters can be ordered via Amazon and other good dealers. Also available for the Kindle.


Alchemy’s 2014 titles


Last weekend at FantasyCon in Nottingham the winners of the British Fantasy Society awards were announced. Although we didn’t win the Best Independent Press category, we are delighted to have been short listed. The winner was Fox Spirit Books — many congratulations go to them!

The above photo shows our output from 2014. From the top left clockwise: Merry-Go-Round, Kneeling in the Silver Light, The Alchemy Press Book of Urban Mythic 2, Touchstones, Nick Nightmare Investigates (which did win for Best Collection!), The Alchemy Press Book of Pulp heroes 3, Tell No Lies and again (the hardcover this time) Merry-Go-Round. 


Nick Nightmare wins BFS award!


We at The Alchemy Press are thrilled to announce that Adrian Cole’s collection Nick Nightmare Investigates was awarded the Best Collection Award presented by the British Fantasy Society. The news was announced over the FantasyCon 2015 weekend, and was presented to Adrian my Mistress of Ceremonies Juliet E McKenna.

Nick Nightmare Investigates was published late 2014 as a signed limited edition, and involved several people behind the project. We offer deep gratitude and thanks to Adrian, editor Mike Chinn (who also co-wrote one of the book’s stories), artists Bob Eggleton and Jim Pitts, designers Michael Marshall Smith and Stephen Jones, as well as Airgedlámh Publications’ Stephen Jones and David Sutton.

The book is available from The Alchemy Press.

Photo of Juliet E McKenna and Adrian Cole © Peter Coleborn

July Newsletter

postcard A 003a2

Here we are, coming up to the end of July and as always it is all systems go here at Alchemy Manor. First up is the short list for the British Fantasy Society Awards, which were announced this week. We are tickled pink to see the Alchemy Press nominated in no less than four categories, namely:

Also, Alchemy editors Jan Edwards and Jenny Barber are pleased so see short-listed for Best Short Story ‘A Change of Heart’ by Gaie Sebold, from their Wicked Women anthology, edited for Fox Spirit.

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Success at the British Fantasy Awards


Today, at FantasyCon 2014 in York, the British Fantasy Society announced its Fantasy Awards. I am thrilled to report that The Alchemy Press won the award for Best Independent Press. I truly did not think we would – the competition was very high. However, on the off chance we were fortunate I penned a few words beforehand, so that I didn’t just stand at the podium looking stage-struck. These are them, expanded to ensure they include all I had intended to say:

The Alchemy Press started life in 1998 with a National Lottery grant – so all those who play the Lottery supported fantasy in the UK. Our first publication was a slim booklet – The Paladin Mandates (and by now everyone in the world probably has a copy!). Now, 16 years on, we are publishing a fabulous range of collections and anthologies, including our signature titles, The Alchemy Press Books of…

I wish to thank my editors (Jan Edwards, Jenny Barber, Mike Chinn and Allen Ashley) and all 2013 contributors (Adam Craig, Adrian Cole, Adrian Tchaikovsky, Alison Littlewood, Andrew Coulthard, Anne Nicholls, Ben Baldwin, Bob Covington, Bob Lock, Bryn Fortey, Cate Gardner, Chico Kidd, Christopher Golden, David McGroarty, David Turnbull, Daniele Serra, Doug Blakeslee, Gaie Sebold, Ian Hunter, Ian Whates, Jaine Fenn, James Brogden, Jet McDonald, Joel Lane, Jonathan Oliver, Joyce Chng, Kate Griffin, Les Edwards, Marion Pitman, Mark David Campbell, Martin Gately, Megan Kerr, Mike Barrett, Mike Resnick, Neil Williamson, Nigel Robinson, Pauline E Dungate, Ralph Robert Moore, Ramsey Campbell, Robert William Iveniuk, Rod Rees, Storm Constantine, Stuart Young, William Meikle, and Zen Cho); I wish to thank Stephen Jones for his inspiration; I wish to thanks BFS members who voted for us; and especially I wish to thank my wife, Jan, for without her The Alchemy Press wouldn’t exist.

I am convinced that this award is recognition of our efforts to produce excellence, and this year we’ve tried harder with even more titles. Thank you.

— Peter Coleborn

Invent-10 shortlisted for the Book Box Award

cover 003b

Invent-10n by Rod Rees has been shortlisted for the Book Box Literary Prize. The winning title will be announced on 5th September. Fingers crossed.

From their website: “The Book Box Literary Prize was established with a purpose to shine a spotlight on the titles we liked the most in the previous season. The intention behind the award was to fill a box with books that inspired and entertained us the most without worrying too much about genres or themes – create something like a mixtape with all our favourite titles of the year.  The only limitation was that each title had to be received for review in period between 1st September 2013 and 1st September 2014.”


The Alchemy Press Newsletter: July/August 2014

FB banner 004

It’s already halfway through August and still no Alchemy Press Newsletter? Come to that, what happened to the July Newsletter? Were we asleep on the job? Well, no we were not – we’ve been very busy these past months on Alchemy issues and “doing things around the house” (as one must on occasion). But better late than … and all that jazz. So, without further ado, here’s the July/ August Newsletter.

First of all, and to remind you in case you’ve forgotten: we are thrilled to be in the running for three British Fantasy Awards – in the small press, short story and non-fiction categories. Details can be checked out here.

Since last time we published Touchstones: Essays of the Fantastic by John Howard — twenty-two essays that examine some of the books and writers that helped form our field. Supernatural Tales says: “Touchstones has something for everyone who is interested in the highways and byways of weird fiction.”

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Alchemy Press Newsletter: June

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Exciting news: The Alchemy Press has been short-listed for the British Fantasy Awards in three categories:

  • Short Story: “Family Business” by Adrian Tchaikovsky from The Alchemy Press Book of Urban Mythic, edited by Jan Edwards and Jenny Barber
  • Non-fiction: Doors to Elsewhere by Mike Barrett
  • And finally, the press itself is nominated for the Best Small Press Award.

There is stiff opposition in all categories (you can read the entire list of nominations on the British Fantasy Society website); nevertheless, we are extremely pleased to be in such august company. The awards will be announced at this year’s FantasyCon, held in the historic and haunted city of York.

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