Ancient Wonders update

Ancient Wonders 170KB

Discover standing stones, burial mounds, ruined castles or sunken cities: the ancient sites that litter our landscapes; the ancient wonders that possess a mysterious appeal that cannot be denied.

When we think of a wonder, our minds go most often to the great buildings of the past – the pyramids, the Taj Mahal, Stonehenge – but the human mind can make almost anything wondrous. We walk with wonders every day, through the power of curiosity and imagination and our human tendency to make stories about what we fear, what we desire, what we wish to understand. This collection offers new glimpses into the wonder we all feel. – Kari Sperring

… Too often, short stories are just tasters which leave the reader unfulfilled – almost all of these contain a complete narrative, a satisfying set-up and resolution (although some intriguing aspects inevitably retain their mystery – as they should!). An entertaining escape into ‘what if’ worlds. I’ll look out for other compilations from this publisher in future. 8/10.” — Rowena Hoseason

The Alchemy Press Book of Ancient Wonders will cease to be available in print from the end of March 2016 — it will remain available as an eBook. If you want a copy pop over to Amazon US, Amazon UK or another online seller.


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