Music in the Bone

MusicintheBone cover001b

Coming later this month (we’re launching the book at FantasyCon 2015): Music in the Bone by Marion Pitman, where you’ll find stories poised to send you over the edge…

  • He had been looking for sunlight, and there wasn’t any. He was much too young to remember before the dust got between the earth and the sun…
  • Beneath the turbid ocean, the kraken slept with one eye open.
  • …the skin drawn tight on the skull. She smiled, and beckoned to me with a skeletal hand…
  • Sami had a theory: “Speed beyond a certain point isn’t natural. It upsets the waves of reality.”
  • But when I know – ah, then what shall I know?

(Marion Pitman’s) stories are about people who discover that the floorboards of reality are much thinner than they had supposed, and in some cases have been removed altogether. – John Dallman

The book will be available via Amazon and other online bookstores in print and Kindle formats.



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