Evocations reviewed

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Two great reviews of Evocations by James Brogden have recently been posted online:

Collections of stories by a single author can be tricky, particularly if the stories encompass multiple genres, but this brilliant collection from Alchemy Press rises above any concerns. Brogden is a gifted storyteller and his stories are at their very best when they’re short. And funny.
Junk Male tells us the dangers of identity theft, even in jest – who knows what monsters we might create? DIYary of the Dead takes a murderous DIY fanatic and then takes things to its logical and horrible conclusion. The Decorative Water Feature of Nameless Dread… speaks for itself. Oh, and finally – God’s honest truth, dear reader – The Phantom Limb is the scariest and best 700 words I’ve ever read. — Iain M Grant (co-author of Godsquad)

Evocations is really enjoyable collection of stories. I do like my horror and have since I was a kid. I love fiction that unsettles me. The stories in this collection managed to scare, unnerve and unsettle me without resorting to shock tactics like excess blood and gore. Every story was strong and there were none I didn’t enjoyed. I did have my favourites: The Last Dance Of Humphrey Bear, The Decorative Water Feature Of Nameless Dread, The Curzon Street Horror and Mob Rule. I highly recommend Evocations. — The Booklover’s Boudoir 

Evocations is available from Amazon and other good online booksellers. Also available as a DRM-free Kindle book.


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