March Newsletter


Friday the thirteenth. Lucky 13. What better day to launch our three latest titles? On that day we officially launch:

Dead Water and Other Weird Tales by David A. Sutton, with an introduction by David A. Riley and interior art by Jim Pitts.

Whatever it was, the object was too large for a bird, too slim for a boat, too streamlined for flotsam… She pressed her face closer to the glass, fascinated and terrified at the same time. In the net … bilious white, flesh that might have been partly consumed by some predator.

My eyes could not block out the sight of the shapes, flopping, wading, barking as they inexorably massed in my direction… the texture of their skins bore the suggestion of the final stages of gangrenous flesh.

Eighteen stories of horror, fantasy and science fiction from award-winning editor and writer David A. Sutton:

Give Me These Moments Back by Mike Chinn, eighteen stories that range from the depths of the Pacific, the cruel charms of Venice, the price of immortality, to the Appalachian Mountains…

A ring of external spotlights flared to life, revealing the floor of the Mariana Trench a few metres below us. The backwash filled the observation room with a cold grey light… As one, they gasped at the sight. I didn’t blame them – even though I’d seen it dozens of times, it still caught the back of my throat.

Donnie could feel himself beginning to shake. He clenched his fists, fighting the tremors. For a moment, he back-flashed to October last year: River Phoenix, on a Hollywood sidewalk, dying. No resurrection from the flames that time: no one was reviving dead movie stars.

Leinster Gardens and Other Subtleties by Jan Edwards, with an introduction by David A. Sutton.

He handed the maid his hat and replaced it with a coronet of silk holly leaves and tinsel. She gave him only the smallest raise of an eyebrow. ‘Ghost of Christmas Present,’ he said…

She picked up the hem of her night-dress and ran the length of the gallery. She wanted to race them to the door, to greet her father. Why, then, did a tiny part of her hesitate? Why should she be afraid? From the landing she heard the doors of the great hall being flung open…

All three will be available in print and eBook editions from tomorrow (although Amazon has started selling them a day or two early). And more: for three days only they are available to download for the Kindle (via Amazon) FREE. This offer begins on 13 March for the Mike Chinn and Jan Edwards eBooks and on 14 March for the David Sutton collection. And all are DRM free so you can reformat for other eReaders.

The print editions receive their official launch at the Birmingham Science Fiction Group meeting (tomorrow, but of course, Friday the thirteenth of March), held in the Briar Rose at 7.30 p.m. Jan and I will be teaming up with Mike Chinn and David Sutton as well as Adrian Cole, Dave Brzeski and Jilly Paddock (the last making long treks just to get their hands on the books). If you are in the area pop along and say hello.

Don’t forget: still available is Tell No Lies by John Grant – in eBook and print editions.

…but don’t let any of these [story] openings fool you into thinking you know where the story is going, because the author has something new to say about each of them. There’s a common theme of relationships lost due to accident, murder, infidelity, time-slips and slides into alternative realities…  The book’s overall title is a warning, and the message is “Be thankful for what you have”. (SF Crowsnest)

The print editions of the above titles are also available from all good online book sellers. Not just Amazon.

Because Adrian Cole is turning up tomorrow there will be an opportunity to buy a copy of his fabulously beautiful collection Nick Nightmare Investigates, available in a signed limited edition only.

In this frenetic collection of stories taken from the files of Nick Nightmare, Private Eye, the intrepid pulp hero is thrown into a murky world of crawling horrors, spawned by the Old Ones as they seek to rise up from their primordial oceanic depths, ‘when the stars are right.’ Whether he is shooting it out with power-crazed acolytes in his native New York, or slipping across into other dimensions to battle the spreading plague of invasion, Nightmare is never far from the long, clammy reach of the things from the Deep, bizarre artefacts of power, decrepit villages and citadels, magic and voodoo. Life for the private eye is an endless slalom of mayhem.

And coming in a few months (can’t wait for these): Evocations by James Brogden and Monsters by Paul Kane. I’m sure you’ll love these. We’re also have other plans afoot – it’s all very exciting at Alchemy Towers,


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