Alchemy Press Newsletter: Xmas 2014

IMG_5705 monster santa 04

Good morning/ afternoon /evening (delete as applicable). It’s Christmas Eve and the time of year to look back on our achievements and, of course, to anticipate the things to come. We know you are all very busy at this moment, making mince pies, wrapping presents, decorating the tree, buying last-minute gifts, so we’re keeping this Newsletter brief.

Firstly our big news for the day! We have a brand new collection just off the press from the talented Mr John Grant — Tell No Lies:

It is an easy enough mistake to make – the most natural mistake in the world.  Cello is hooked up to the machine, but whose dreams does she experience? The house is suddenly infested, but with … what? At the Edinburgh Fringe he meets Kristie. She seems to be exactly what he needs. The books Richard buys contain a signature that has no right to be there. In a West Country village petrol is ridiculously cheap. Where does it come from? Caught in a blizzard he finds himself in Memoryville … where he meets an old acquaintance… Ginfalcio Beeswax and Truculence Fish are all that stand between the monsters from the blackness of outer space and the end of mankind. But are issues closer to home more frightening than multi-tentacled aliens? Christopher – their miracle child. Nick’s lives are … haunted, but by whom? The artist is dead but her art lives on. It’s Benjy’s birthday – and he wants his own universe.

Next up, a reminder of our other titles published in 2014 (in case you’ve forgotten):

  • Merry-Go-Round and Other Words by Bryn Fortey (mass and limited editions)
  • Touchstones, Essays on the Fantastic by John Howard
  • Kneeling in the Silver Light, edited by Dean M Drinkel
  • Nick Nightmare Investigates by Adrian Cole (limited edition co-published with Airgedlámh Productions)
  • The Alchemy Press Book of Pulp Heroes 3, edited by Mike Chinn
  • The Alchemy Press Book of Urban Mythic 2, edited by Jan Edwards and Jenny Barber.

You will find details of these and our other books via this link.

The Alchemy Press was recognised for its 2013’s activities with the Best Small/Independent Press Award, presented by the British Fantasy Society at FantasyCon, held in York in September of this year. We are all still reeling from the announcement and would like to thank all concerned for bestowing us this honour.

And for 2015? We will have some truly fabulous collections lined up for your delectation! In alphabetical order, we have books by: James Brogden, Mike Chinn, Jan Edwards, Anne Gay, Paul Kane, Johnny Mains, Marion Pitman, and David Sutton.

Plus one or two other things (sh… they are all still all secret as yet)

It promises to be a busy year and we hope you will be following our publication schedule with the same eager anticipation that we have. So all we’ll add now is, have a wonderful Christmas, Solstice or whatever it is you choose to celebrate. Keep well and here’s hoping 2015 is a successful year for us all.




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