Emma Hinge interviewed

Emma Hinge

I can tell what you’re thinkin’. You’re thinkin’ that it’s sick that people end up lettin’ themselves go out like that. Right now your stomach is probably turning over itself, because when you opened the door to my apartment you were hit by the smell of whisky and three-day-old vomit. You might even gag a little before you hold your handkerchief to your nose – not that you’d admit it. The boys down at the station would give you hell if they knew you’d almost lost your damned lunch.

Emma Hinge’s contribution to Pulp Heroes 3 is the hard boiled “The Death of James E Steckle.” Here she admits to her influences, inspirations and … other stuff.

Writing is a notoriously solitary business. What keeps you at it? The fame that constantly eludes you? Getting a lie in mornings? The rubber?

Honestly, I’m actually pretty hopeless at the “keeping at it” bit. My attempts at writing tend to be picking up an idea and running with it for a little while (often in circles), and then abandoning that soggy old bone for a fresh one. I actually have no idea what sustains that kind of chaotic, tail-chasing momentum. Probably insanity.

What was it that inspired “The Death of James E Steckle”?

The trigger for me was the movie The Changeling and my subsequent Wiki-searches into the truth behind the Wineville Chicken Coop murders. I also love unreliable narrators, and I wanted to try to work with a character who thought they were the best thing since sliced bread (a la Nick Carraway in the first few pages of The Great Gatsby). While I was writing I listened to the soundtrack of the videogame LA Noire (though I’ve never actually played the game, the soundtrack is brilliant). Throw all of that together with a pinch of salt and that’s more or less what inspired Steckle.

There seems to have been a shift in appreciation of Pulp Fiction. There is the so called New Pulp, but did Old Pulp ever really go away?

I’ll say yes it did, but only because I really like the sound of a complete New Pulp rebirth. Accessible digital publishing and Pulp are made for each other – so I definitely see a bright future ahead.

What sort of fiction do you prefer to read? Which are your favourite TV shows and movies?

Anything and everything. I think it’s important to try new things all the time, or else you kind of run the risk going stale or limiting yourself. So yeah, anything goes. Especially if that “anything” is Game of Thrones.

What can you tell us about future projects?

Not a lot, actually! I don’t have much in the works at the moment; though I am dabbling in some contemporary romance (what can I say? I like to change things up!). If you’re keen on watching this space, you can follow me on twitter @missoilcan

Tell us something about yourself no one knows (don’t worry – no one is ever going to actually read this).

My biggest sorrow is that coffee art is never left-handed. I want hearts. Instead I always get butts.


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