Rod Rees interviewed

Rod Rees 2

“Greetings, most honoured representatives of the citizens of the planet Earth. I have journeyed ten thousand parsecs to meet with you today.”

      Shit! thought Margaret.

Novelist Rod Rees, author of Invent-10n and  “A Helping Hand” in Pulp Heroes 3, has agreed with little or no coercion, to answer a handful of questions about himself.

Writing is a notoriously solitary business. What keeps you at it?


What was it that inspired “Helping Hand”?

Wondering how the authorities would really react if confronted by a super-hero. And the depressing answer I came up with … regulate the poor bastard!

There seems to have been a shift in appreciation of Pulp Fiction. There is the so called New Pulp, but did Old Pulp ever really go away?

People these days seem obsessed with pigeonholing everything which, of course, means the pigeonholes are getting progressively smaller and more confining … maybe we should rechristen it wrenholing (or more fittingly, arseholing). I thought Pulp Fiction was a pastiche of the reassuring naïve style of the 20s and 30s, so I’m not sure if a pastiche can be anything other than retro. Nu-Retro-Pulp, anyone? Sounds suitably stupid …

What sort of fiction do you prefer to read? Which are your favourite TV shows and movies?

Don’t read much fiction these days so all my picks would be a little retro (which seems to be my mot de jour). Don’t watch much TV either. Favourite films … Top Hat; Some Like it Hot; High Noon; Dr Strangelove; 12 Angry Men; A Clockwork Orange; French Connection; Prestige. Worst film of the last year: Pacific Rim. Never has a film been more aptly titled.

What can you tell us about future projects?

Working on a story inspired by reading about the decipherment of the Proto-Indo-European language. De-complicating it at the moment.

Tell us something about yourself no one knows (don’t worry – no one is ever going to actually read this).



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