Nick Nightmare, private eye…


Inspired by the pulp era writers such as Mike Hammer, Lemmy Caution, Philip Marlowe and others, Nick Nightmare is described as a “no-holds-barred private dick who spends a lot of his time locking horns (and indeed, tentacles) with the minions of Cthulhu”.

Adrian Cole’s pulp novel Night of the Heroes (Wildside Press, 2011) features this hard-boiled detective, who now stars in several short stories. “You Don’t Want to Know” was published in Weirder Shadows over Innsmouth, edited by Stephen Jones (Fedogan and Bremer, 2013).

“The Vogue Prince” appeared in the Alchemy Press Book of Pulp Heroes edited by Mike Chinn (The Alchemy Press, 2012). Jim Mcleod, reviewing for the Ginger Nuts of Horror website, had this to say: “…a spectacularly brilliant read … prepare to be entertained to the max…’The Vogue Prince’ is perhaps my favourite story in this excellent collection, with shades of Dr Strange, The Shadow, and Sam Spade. Cole’s story … captures the true essence of pulp, shady streets, shady gangsters, and the supernatural all mix together to create a truly satisfying read…”

Jon Harvey’s Spectre Press published a special Nick Nightmare booklet last year, Nightmare on Mad Gull Island, a 10,000 word tale that “embroils our man with minions of the Deep Ones, hungry sharks and, yes, psychotic seagulls”. Artwork is by the award-winning artist Jim Pitts. The booklet also includes a short article by Cole, “Me and My Nightmares”, which provides background information.

The Alchemy Press of Pulp Heroes 2, again edited by Mike Chinn (2013), includes “Kiss the Day Goodbye”. And further Nick Nightmare stories are in various stages of development, including “What Dread Hands and What Dread Feet”, perhaps the PI’s  “weirdest adventure yet”. Keep an eye out for future developments.

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