Doors to Elsewhere reviewed

Doors Elsewhere 012c

Jim McLeod has selected Doors to Elsewhere by Mike Barrett as one of his “must-read” non-fiction books of 2013. Here are his comments (reprinted with permission from The Ginger Nuts of Horror website):

“The world of horror fiction review is full of writers who are far better qualified to review this rather than little old me. Doors to Elsewhere by Mike Barrett collects his essays on late 19th/early 20th century horror and fantasy writers such as Fritz Leiber, Clifford Ball, Theodore Sturgeon, and MP Shiel. It also includes a comprehensive overview of Arkham House.

Like the other books featured here [in McLeod’s roundup of 2013],Doors to Elsewhere has one very important factor that is common to all. And that is readability; this collection of essays could very easily have been a dry read. However Mike Barrett is a very gifted reviewer, and each and every one of these essays gives an engrossing look into the work of some of the genre’s founding fathers. This is an indispensable reference work that all fans of the genre, and in particular all of us who review horror fiction, should read. Intelligent, compelling and above all enlightening, Doors To Elsewhere is a must read.”

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