Christopher Golden interviewed

chris golden smallChristopher Golden’s “Under Cover of Night” appears in The Alchemy Press Book of Urban Mythic.

Tell us a little about yourself and what you like to write.

I’ve been a full time writer for twenty years. I had the best job in the world, working at Billboard magazine in New York, but when I sold my first novel back in 1992 – at the age of twenty-five – I jumped ship and never looked back. I write horror, fantasy, mystery and thrillers for adults and teens, as well as comics and graphic novels. I’ve also edited more than half a dozen anthologies. My latest novel, Snowblind, will be out in January.

What was the idea behind “Under Cover of Night”?

I have an abiding love of folklore. When the story was originally written, my task was to write three unrelated pieces all of which revolved around folklore in some way. I’ve also always been … fascinated is the wrong word … let’s say concerned by the way the United States conducts its relationship with Mexico. The situation at our southern border is not healthy for either nation’s people. Finally, I just loved the idea of El Chupacabra preying on those who prey on those desperate enough to cross illegally into the U.S.

How urban do you like your fantasy and who are your must-read authors?

There are two definitions of urban fantasy to me. One is the more common modern definition, and of that class I love Charlaine Harris, Stacia Kane, Kelley Armstrong, and many others. But the older version of urban fantasy is where I find myself going when I think about writing anything fantasy-related. Charles de Lint, Emma Bull, Tim Powers … that’s a whole different corner of urban fantasy. De Lint has been a huge influence for me and is one of my favourite writers.

You’ve collaborated with Amber Benson, Tim Lebbon and Mike Mignola among others – what’s the appeal of joint authored projects and is there anybody you’d like to work with (living, dead or totally fictional!).

I always say writing is a solitary business and I’m not a solitary person. I find myself chatting with friends and a lot of those friends are writers. Invariably, some crazy-ass idea will come up and one of us will say, y’know, we should write that! If it’s an idea we like enough, then we do. As for anyone else I’d like to write with, living or dead? Larry McMurtry. It’ll never happen, but boy, I could learn a lot from that guy.

What are you up to next?

This January, my latest novel, Snowblind, will be out in the US and UK, as will Cemetery Girl, the first in a trilogy of graphic novels I’m writing with Charlaine Harris. My anthology Dark Duets also hits that month. It’s weird when everything you’ve worked on for 18 months all comes out at the same time. And last November I saw many of my friends at World Fantasy Convention in Brighton, UK.

[Photo (c) Peter Coleborn]


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