Pauline Dungate interviewed

pauline morgan 01

Pauline E Dungate’s “Night Hunter” appears in The Alchemy Press Book of Pulp Heroes 2. Pauline answers a few questions.

Would you like to briefly introduce yourself: what inspired your writing and when you began, and – if possible – of all of your published work could you tell me which your favourites are (and why)?

I write fiction as Pauline E Dungate, but poetry, non-fiction and reviews as Pauline Morgan. My own favourite? If I have to choose I’d go for “In the Tunnels” that first appeared in Beneath the Ground edited by Joel Lane (The Alchemy Press). Stephen Jones liked it enough to put in Best New Horror 15.

Do you have a favourite genre, or sub-genre? What exactly is it that attracts you?

I don’t have a favourite genre as so many genres have good practitioners. I like writing that is well crafted. At present I am drawn to Urban Fantasy as that has the capacity for mixing genres together.

Do you have a particular favourite author, or authors? What is it about their work which appeals to you?

There are too many to list. I like the aspects that constitute good writing such as believable characters and a strong plot.

Some say Pulp is a genre, others a style; which side do you come down on?

Can’t it be both?

What was the inspiration for “Night Hunter”?

I had been playing with the set-up for “Night Hunter” for a while but as a film in which my lead character was the actor who played the role of Hunter. The setting, Shoreham in Sussex, is where my mother lived and when there were recent reports of sightings of a lion in the Home Counties, the ideas came together.

Outside writing, what else occupies your time?

These days my main interests are gardening and wild life photography. Travel to out-of-the-way places like Ecuador and Easter Island give great opportunities.

Is there any particular style of music – or musicians – which appeals to you?

Heavy rock. On my time table at present are Black Veil Brides, Alice Cooper and Within Temptation.

What are you currently working on?

A nearly contemporary novel involving a rock group.


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