Bob Lock interviewed

Bob Lock j-peg2It’s Bob Lock’s turn at answering a few question in anticipation of his story “The Sun and the Moon” (for the sign of Gemini) in Astrologica: Stories of the Zodiac edited by Allen Ashley.

Give us a little bit of background on your writing career.

My first published piece of work was a story called, “The Leaf in the Stone” which was featured in Cold Cuts 1 a Welsh anthology of horror stories. My first published novel was Flames of Herakleitos, a dark fantasy story published by Screaming Dreams. I’ve a couple of other novels published and have loads of other stuff in anthologies both in print and on line.

What appealed to you about the Astrologica project?

I like “themed” anthologies and this one interested me as I already had an idea in mind for one of the star signs.

Why did you choose this particular star sign for your story?

As previously mentioned, I already had an idea for a story based on a star sign and that was for Gemini, it fitted quite nicely.

Which star sign are you and what qualities of that sign do you display?

I’m a Gemini and I suppose when you read up about their traits you have (as with other signs) those that are positive and those that are negative. The positives are supposed to be creativity, intellect, eloquence etc. All which I’ll say I have (he he). The negatives include things like inconsistency, lack of focus and fickleness and unfortunately I think I tick all three boxes there too.

What is the most accurate/least accurate horoscope you have ever read?

I hardly ever read horoscopes.

Where do you go from here?

I have loads to write but I’m a serial procrastinator and have trouble focussing on my writing and getting things completed. Ideally I would like to finish my sequel to Flames, finish my “hard” SF novel, finish my steam-punk novel, finish my “vampires in space” novel and loads of partially written short stories, well … I didn’t warn you. I’m a procrastinator and a Gemini … lack of focus.

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